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$30 USD

Sometimes you get this low vibey feeling, still feel tired after sleeping 8 hours, are cranky and irritable for no reason, feel like your energy is off or heavy or no matter what you do you just can't "feel better". This could be because your energetic centers are blocked, you have acquired overlays, your aura has tears in it or has buildup or a whole other number of reasons. I can help! 

I am a Practical Reiki Master, which simply put I can clear, cleanse, heal and balance your energy.  The best way I can explain it is: Have you ever seen the movie the Karate Kid where Mr. Miaggi claps his hands together, rubs them and heals people? It's something like that! I have learned to channel bio-electromagnetic energy and use it to heal people. 

My Powerful Chakra/Aura Scrub Does The Following:

► Blast scrub negative energy
► Uninstall chakra overlays that result in unproductive energy attachments
► Remove aura and chakra mental body debris and repairs tears
►Ancestor family line traumatic inherited negative energy

☯ Advanced quick and effective energy cleansing solution

Don't wait to feel better. Request Book a Powerful Chakra/Aura Scrub Now! 

This makes a great "ritual cleansing" too.