Now You Can Find A "Lightworker" Anywhere

Updated: Jan 25

The internet made it quick and convenient to portray yourself as "Lightworker" and take advantage of people in emotional need right from your phone! Isn't that insane!? In this blog post, I’ll share some warning signs.

A genuine lightworker will not hit up your DM's to give you an unsolicited reading

On the internet, you get random "lightworkers" or "psychics" (or anyother name they find catchy) hitting you up in your inbox telling you they have a message from God, a dearly departed loved one, ancestor, diety or anyone else they can think of to get your attention. They will hook you with their nurturing persona to create rapport with you, get information from you during online chats and use your emotions to make money off of you in the end. These people "cold read you" by saying things like "you recently had something tragic happen to you" or "a loving female energy from a departed loved one is coming through"(most people have) to get you to open up and tell them more about your life so they can start playing on your emotions and leading you into thinking they are psychic when the whole time you are telling them your life story. A real light worker who does readings will not want to know anything about you or the current situation. They will want only the question you have. A real lightworker is too busy with their own spiritual life to be looking for random people on the internet to help. You will seek them out. They will never seek you out.

You will see the evidence of a genuine lightworkers high vibration by they things they have been able to manifest for themselves and their life.

A lot of times you will see these "lightworkers" going live from their cars, or a park, or some public place. They will never show evidence of their abundance or the positive things they have manifested through their own lightwork. To be quite honest most of these will not even have a real profile picture up on their social media or have evidence that they are walking the talk by the posts they make. A real lightworkers high vibration will be evident in their surroundings and they will not look sickly or worn down in their pictures. They will be someone who inspires you to connect with your highest self so that your life can get better. You will know them by their fruit. Do your research and find out more about who is going to "help" you. A genuine lightworker will have plenty evidence for you to find.

A genuine lightworker will not help you and keep helping you for little to no exchange.

A lot of these light workers will discredit genuine lightworkers by talking negatively about how much others charge or by refusing to charge for their gifts and then brag about it. This is a classic case of someone having a Savior Complex. They have to fix everyone elses life and feel like the martyr in order to fulfill a conscious or unconsious desire to want to save people because their life in shambles and they rather focus on other peoples lives than their own. What better place to do this than the internet which is full of broken people looking for a savior. I know that I myself have given out free advice to people but you get one free question with me and that is only if I am feeling abundant in energy. A genuine lightworker knows the importance of having an equal exchange of energy present and knows the value of their spiritual gifts. They will not go out trying to save people they don't even know for nothing or very little in return because they realize how draining it can be and how it can make them physically sick. If they do ask yourself: why?

The same goes with the titles of "witches", "high priest/ess", "babalawos" or any other sacred name they may try to assume. Keep in mind that a person who is genuinely connected to their highest selves and are self mastered don't do any of the things mentioned here in this blog post.

I hope that this post will create awareness and protect you from these types of scammers in the future.

If you need real spiritual advice, from a licensed certified professional please reach out to me. I would be happy to help.

The proof is in the pudding!

Manifesting the sh!t outta life daily over here,


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