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Covid Forced Upgrade

Getting sick with covid made me realize how it's how valuable my energy is and how I shouldn't be shouldn't be doing spiritual work for people's "chump change".

I really struggle with charging people not because I don't want to but because people have such a hard time with the idea of paying for spiritual work so, I end up short changing myself. For some reason people think that it's OK to give the bare minimum to a spiritually gifted person who using their personal energy, knowledge and connection with source to help further them in their life, help solve major life issues and guide them in their spiritual path. People will spend $75 or more a month on Starbucks, fake nails or a video game without hesitation but have a very hard time paying a counselor, spiritual advisor or someone the universe literally sent them to help them better themselves and their future.

As I was laying sick in bed using my own skills on myself to help myself get over covid, I was able to realize that a lot of what was going on with me was residual energy from a lot of spiritual work that I have done. In particular the ones that were done for free, nearly free or highly discounted. It was also an accumulation of negative energy that people had literally dumped onto me through random conversations via chat and phone calls. People think its ok to vent to me and ask for advice at all hours without offering a donation and assuming I'm their personal Free On Demand Psychic Hotline. Laying there in bed, with a fever, feeling so sore that I could barely walk; my brain began to replay all of these past scenarios and instances and I started getting bitter and angry. These feelings of bitterness, anger and resentment prompted me to start doing more shadow work and to look for and find a lessons through my suffering with covid.

One day as I did a healing on myself, I remembered a time a few years ago that I did a long distance exorcism for a woman and her entire family which consisted of 9 people and her 2 acre property. I was successful in removing a 167 negative energies and entities, illnesses and a bat infestation from this family and the property. How much is that worth? Go on, take a wild guess... (hint: she haggled a price). I did this all for $150 USD! That's less than 79cents per entity! Not including anything after care or reports. Afterwards, it took me 3 ritual cleansings along with candle rituals to recover from the physical 30% hit that I took from helping that woman and her family. Meanwhile the people in her family were healed, the bats flew away and never came back, everyone started getting along better in the house, the people who did not belong in the house quickly moved out, she found a better job and was able to better support herself and her children along with all of the maids that she had at her house. Not to mention, she was able to sell the property which was inherited and move on with her now much better life. All for the low and haggled price of $150 USD. As I laid there feverish and with chills so bad my teeth chartered, I felt taken advantage of and used.

Days passes by and lots of scenarios similar to this flashed before my memory begging me to learn from this. Senarios like all of people's pets I have helped heal through things like broken paws, infections and near death when said pet owners would rather call me and try n pay me $25 than call a vet; the colicky babies my reiki helped put to sleep; the better jobs I helped find; the abusive relationships turned around; the houses/apartments I petitioned for and they got effortlessly. .... I asked myself why I did this all for leftovers (Sometimes $35 or less per service!!) and asked myself, "what was I thinking!?". I felt disgusting, cheap and ashamed of myself for weeks. (I had covid for 21 days.) I understood why my resistance suffered which allowed for disease in my body. Despite these sad feelings I didn't not find resolve. I found my lessons but struggled with how I was going to resolve this. As I lay there sick, emails and texts came in daily requesting more help.

You know what the crazy part is? I barely go anywhere. I am a recluse now more than ever because of covid and the fact that I moved to a new state and I don't know anybody and I really don't go out of my house unless I absolutely need to. I could have only caught covid at the corner gas station that I went to once in 13 days. So I truly believe that there was a spiritual reason to me catching covid. It forced me to really practice hours of self healing on myself and through this healing recognize where I was failing at life. If I would not have gotten sick I would have never realized how erroneous I was in my business practices and in my self value. I also realized the worth of my own energy and that I couldn't go on living like that.

Let me talk about the value of my own work and energy for a little bit so that you can understand where I'm coming from.

I was raised in a pentecostal church where at the age of 4, I had an encounter with a demon possessed person that would change my life forever. Not only that, but I never went to a public school by choice. I was raised in Christian schools all of my life. I served my church and community proudly. I say all of this to show you that I have taken an active role in my own spirituality since the day that I had that encounter at the age of 4. I begged my parents to put me in Christian schools and to go to church because very early on, I wanted to get closer to God and develop a personal relationship with Him like the people in The Bible had. That's exactly what I did too. My proof is in the pudding. This is why people seek me and my services out because know that am the real deal and my petition's work due to my experience, knowledge and close personal relationship with God. Spirituality is not something cute or trendy that I decided one day I was going to get into and start practicing. I was born for this and this has been my life's work and passion for over 30 years. I'm not self taught. I am anointed by God in the same way Ruth and David were. The Holy Spirit taught me everything I know. My footsteps are ordained by the Master Himself and there is plenty of evidence in my life of such. I am God's anointed. I am not bragging. I am finally allowing myself to see what God sees and the reality of who I am. The journey I have walked and the obstacles I have overcome are nothing to brag about. They only empower and equip me more to do my wife's work and I will no longer short change myself.

The final straw that broke the camel's back while I was laying there in bed with covid was a very grim realization that I had. I realized that the people that I help would never admit that I have ever helped them or that they even know me because they want people to think that they did it all on their own without help from me or any spiritual worker. The people that I help come to see me on the sneak hoping I can help them and no one will be the wiser. I realized that these people who I've helped and who literally told me how much I have changed their lives would never even consider referring someone to me or giving me a shout out at all despite how much I've helped them. These people I have pulled from the pit would never admit to anyone that I have helped them. Shitty huh? Yeah. It fckn hurts to admit. Go on my Google page and verify. You'll see zero reviews....

I have been able to see that people will have an anointed person sent to them by God to help them and in their ignorance with their inflated egos, think that are able to do the same thing that I do. They turn around and try to copy me and my methods before paying me for help. They would rather pay someone they have never met off of Instagram a ridiculous amount of money for a candleThey don't even know if it will work just because the person selling it looks boujee then to pay me, their "friend ". Then, I witness this all blow up in their faces and they go through years of living a miserable existence when they could have just accepted help properly and be living a good life by now. Not only that but during this process they have assumed titles like "witch", "bruja" , "shaman" or whatever it is they wanna call themselves and are now "helping"other people and trying charging for their services even though their life is still shitty and their miserable. Then, they have the nerve to message me to ask me for advice on how to help these poor people. Do you know how hard this is to watch?! What I should do is expose these people for taking advantage of other people when they couldn't even manifest a fcking hot dog if they were hungry.

This is why from now on I will not under value my existence, gifts and the worth of my life's worth. The work I do manifests and works! PeriodT and point blank! If you are reading this and you have ever worked with me and followed my advice you will know for yourself that my shit works!!

I realize that by this point in this blog my tone is a little hyphy but I'm upset and needed to get this off my chest. I have been the person that other psychics and spiritual workers refer people to when they can't get the job done. Why? I'm the real deal that's why! That is why from now on I would rather not do spiritual work at all then do it for people's chump change. No one should get to live a great and peaceful life off of the sweat of my brow for for less than the amount that they pay for dinner and drinks on a Friday night. I'm so done.

I realize I will probably loose my existing clients because of this but, I'm meant to. My Father in heaven is tired of this nonsense and will provide for me in other ways. He always does. That's why my life is abundant.

Those that know the worth of my work will come correct. Those that don't can go to the cesspool of the instant #witchesofinstagram #witchesoffacebook or witchtok-ers for spiritual work and wait years for shit to manifest or backfire in their face. They will have the lives they deserve. Trust and believe that!

If you see my prices and wonder why, now you know. I'd like you to go ahead and compare prices of spiritual workers that are the real deal. I assure you it's hundreds if not thousands of dollars. They know their worth and so do I. I will never again let people haggle me or pay me their chump change. It took covid to get me to realize this.

If you are truly spiritually gifted and you're reading this I urge you to make these changes before you get sick too. Learn from my mistakes.

If you are one of the types of miserable people that I described in this blog, that take advantage of spiritually gifted people, shame on you! I hope you wake up to the way that you that you are acting and become a better human.

In retrospect I think that covid Forced me to upgrade my life and my way of thinking about my energy and how I exchange it. It also helped me see a lot of ugly truths that were going on in my life that I was so bi was so busy people pleasing that I couldn't see it happening. When I did see it happening I became complacent and I played along. Covid came into my life and revealed a lot of better truths. It came in, kicked my ass and revealed a lot. If covid helped you see things more clearly, let me know in the comments! I would love to know.

May God bless and keep us all,


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