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Clothing Review - (Unsponsored Shein Order)

I don't typically put together outfits like everyone else. Keep in mind I have always had my own edgy way of putting clothes together. Being born in the early 70s, finding my style through an unhealthy obsession with MTV, back in the day my personal style was known as "punk" or even "alternative" now it's more mainstream in everyday Urban Wear. My personal style Is is also influenced by the pinup , preppy, Hispanic/Chola and couture styles to name a few. I'm very eclectic! I find I feel confident and productive when I feel authentic in what I choose to dress my "meatsuit" in.

Today I'm doing a loungewear look I threw together from My Personal Shein Winter Wardrobe Collection 2022.

Perfect for intermittent working out and belly dance practicing.
My kinda loungewear (including holes lol)

I'm wearing a colorful bodycon skater dress, white scarf, neck muff and fuzzy socks all by SHEIN Clothing. Their clothing is true to size and a bargain at retail prices. I am not sponsored by them but I love their products, quick shipping and great customer service. Check out what I'm wearing vs what's shown on the website.

I know my style is not for everyone but nonetheless I enjoy sharing my clothing reviews and bargain finds. I have always expressed myself through my personal clothing style and it's a lot of fun for me to do these clothing review blogs.

Again, I am in no way affiliated with Shein Clothing, LLC nor am I sponsored by them. They are merely my guilty pleasure! 🤩🥰

What's your personal style like? Leave me a comment. I want to know!

Thanks for reading. See you next time!

Now, go be fabulous!

Luh ya'll!

Batty D 😉


I know my door needs painting. I've lived here less than a year and just became the woman of this house. Stay tuned for a DIY front door make over with product reviews tho... frfr 🙏 I got

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